Brick-Age Soot Wash Replication is the liquid solution for ageing and weathering masonry and brickwork.

Dyebrick Brick-Age is designed for the user to age their brickwork or masonry. It darkens the brickwork creating a natural, dark, aged appearance which is a familiar sight in London and many northern industrial towns and cities.

Brick-Age can produce a variety of shades to achieve the desired effect and is ideal for toning down newly repaired or replaced bricks, particularly London Yellow Stock bricks etc.

Brick-Age is permanent and will not wash off or fade. It does not alter the properties of the brick or masonry, so is favoured and specified by many local authorities and planning borough departments in London. See: Dyebrick Planning and Conservation

Brick Age

Our product is patented contains no acrylic and should not be confused with other liquid weathering solutions.

Brick-Age 'Soot Wash Replication' also contains carbon derived from coal to produce an authentic aged appearance. 

Our brick ageing product has been in use for nearly 40 years!

See how other customers have aged their brickwork by visiting our  Customer Gallery pages!


Dyebrick products have been used on some of the oldest brick and stone buildings in the world, including:

  • Westminster Hall, City of Westminster, London. Erected in 1097.
  • 41/42 Cloth Fair, London (see image above). Built between 1597 and 1614, this is the only house in the City of London to have survived the Great Fire of London in 1666.
  • St. Mary's Church, Gdansk, Poland. The largest brick church in the world (construction began in 1379).

Brick repairs, restorations and extensions when completed, should appear as though they were an integral part of the original design. Repair works to Listed Buildings or buildings in a Conservation Area should be treated with particular sensitivity in order to preserve and enhance the appearance of the building and its setting.

Brick-Age enables the conservationist to blend their new works to match the period original.

Our patented kit contains a blend of high-grade carbon black pigment and a micronized, colourfast high-intensity black iron oxide pigment, an effective water-based ‘Carrier Solution' and a unique 'Fixing Agent’ that, when blended, will produce a durable and natural finish that allows the masonry to breathe. It does not alter the physical properties of the brickwork or masonry, thereby maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the sourced materials.